Authentic  &  Empowering

A Love of Music

Described as “One of the greatest new vocalists in Canada“, Kaiya loves to sing, write music and share her passion for performing. She does this at a magically young age because her soul and authentic love of music, combined with her genuine love of people, shine through with every performance.


What They Say

Brett Kissell, at the #BrettBrettXmas event, said on stage, “I hope someone is recording what I am about to say. You can put me on record as being the first to say that this young lady in 3 to 5 years will be opening for the likes of Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes. I don’t usually endorse artists, but never have I seen such raw talent and force. She (Kaiya) is the whole package.” ~ Brett Kissell

“Kaiya reminds me of a young Lady Gaga with her power and control.” 

Hayley Wickenheiser

One  Song  At  a  Time

Sharing Passion

Kaiya sings and song-writes from the heart, and the reason she loves it is because:  “I am amazed with the power of music and how I can say so much and share so much emotion in only a few minutes. I can empower others, share sympathy, feel joy or sorrow; and I can say things I wouldn’t normally say in conversation. I can’t believe the impact my music has on others and it brings me so much warmth and strength to be able to connect with people through my music.”

~ K a i y a


Photo Credit: Michelle Spice Photography

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