“Kaiya Live”

Thank you so much for the positive support you’ve given me about the postponement of Kaiya Live. I am blown away with how many people said they will be here to support me whenever we can safely hold Kaiya Live!

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(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Key Points

  • “Kaiya Live” is postponed. 

  • Kaiya will reschedule the event when permitted.

  • The charities remain deserving of the funds that would have been raised.


The online benefit concert, “Kaiya Live”, has been cancelled for May 1st at 7 pm Mountain Time due to the receipt of the emergency COVID health restrictions alert last evening. 


During the evening of April 30th, Albertans received a province-wide Emergency Alert from the Government of Alberta regarding a Public Health Alert. The urgent notice that outlined new restrictions for hot spots across Alberta contained added restrictions that require the benefit concert to be cancelled for May 1st. 


As excited as Kaiya and the members of Brett Kissel’s incredible band were to perform the concert, once the new restrictions were issued on April 30th, Kaiya and her team concluded that they were required to postpone “Kaiya Live”. The team has assessed alternatives and after careful consideration, believes they had no other choice but to postpone. The requirements of performing outdoors, including elements such as global streaming technology, stage set-up, specialized audio and weather back-ups, were not possible to obtain with such short notice. Additionally, one of the top considerations of moving the concert outdoors is the fear of drawing a crowd of people.


“Today hit me hard as another reality of Covid. When my parents had to go into the pandemic last year and everything was so scary, I got knocked down with that. Now today, having to cancel and postpone, hits me in the heart. I’m going to use this to create more positivity and bring even more light for the future when we can hold Kaiya Live!” Kaiya stated. 


The two organizations that were to receive donations from viewers today are E2 Society and Wickfest. Kaiya is encouraging those who were planning to watch the concert and donate, to consider making their donations today because the need to support the children affected by these organizations still remains. Links to the charities can be found on www.kaiyalive.com.


Justin Kudding, one of Kaiya’s producers, said, “Cancelling something like this, especially after all the positive media attention Kaiya has had, is one of the most heart-breaking things for a 14-year-old to do, but this is who Kaiya is… this is totally her – to do the right thing and to do it well.” 


Kaiya planned to release her music video for her first single, “Speak Out” at tonight’s concert. The music video will still be released tonight on her website. 


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For more information:

Contact Kaiya for an interview at: kaiyasmusicrocks@gmail.com

Benefit Concert Raising Funds for:

E2 Society: a student-centered school giving kids the opportunity to thrive at their own level of ability. Children come to the program with a range of strengths, interests and learning differences. At E2 Society, these – twice exceptional – differences are celebrated because at E2, they see learning challenges as an opportunity to be exceptional. Each child is supported and this allows them to grow personally, emotionally and academically at their own pace and in a way that supports any learning challenges they have. E2 helps each of their students to achieve their best, giving them a life-long gift.
To learn more about E2 and how they help children, click here. ATB will add 20% to your donation up to $500 per donor.

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Wickfest: Canadian Tire Wickfest fueled by Gatorade, where young female hockey athletes can have a life-changing experience when they attend Wickfest, a hockey fest led by Hayley Wickenheiser. It is a multi-weekend event that takes place in multiple cities across Canada. The event attracts young female athletes from all walks of life and competitive levels to take part in a series of hockey games in a highly organized tournament and even more importantly – a series of clinics and workshops that are designed to develop not just the player, but the whole person. It’s a girl-powered weekend! You can help send a young player to Wickfest who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend. For details click here.

Promoted by CCMA & Juno Winner Brett Kissel and Olympic Champion Hayley Wickenheiser

Thank you for helping me raise funds for these important organizations! Your support means the world to me.   ~ Kaiya

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