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 Hi ~ I’m Kaiya. Thank you for coming to my website!

Please stay, so I can show you a bit more about why I love music so much.  One element of singing that I love is the ability to get across a powerful message to another person, in only a few minutes. Singing and songwriting is the best way for people to express feelings and ideas to others, in an emotional way. I think it’s amazing that I can touch another person’s heart and have them experience joy, sadness or empowerment by saying things that I wouldn’t usually say in conversation – but in a song, I can say so much!

The feeling I get when I see that my music has touched someone and they are crying or glowing with joy, is why I do this.

My wish is to share my music with you and those who feel connected to life when they hear my songs.

I’m Kaiya, from Canada, and I hope you love listening to my music as much as I love sharing it. 

~ K a i y a


After an incredible intro by Brett Wilson and Brett Kissel Kaiya sings her own “mash up” of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman inspired by Pentatonix in support of our veterans at Christmas. Accompanied by the amazing Justin Kudding electric bass player extraordinaire. #BrettBrettXmas2019

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